An equity portfolio is the collection of all the stocks held by an individual or institution. Out of all the portfolios that we have analyzed till date, 6 out of ten were into heavy losses simply because the stocks weren’t thoroughly researched and rather were invested on rumors or intuitions that they will become future winners.

Successful portfolios are based on carefully researched individual securities which have potential for price appreciation to provide the greatest returns on risks taken. Savvy and rational investors excel because of a clear methodology of research that they follow complemented by right stock selection at the right time.

With the aim to achieve highest returns with the risk involved by investing in equities, we must have growth-oriented stocks.

How it work ?

  • Pay per stocks with a minimum of 10 stocks.
  • You we mail us your portfolio .
  • Within a week we will analyze your stocks on technical and fundamental aspect.
  • We will mail you which stock to hold and which to remove from your portfolio with proper sl and tgt.
  • Telephonic assistance will be given only on bulk portfolio greater than 100 script.
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