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    This is our standard client agreement upon which we intend to rely, for your own benefit and protection you should read the term of this agreement, disclosures, disclaimer and term and conditions carefully before signing. As by signing you consent to the terms contained.

    I/we understand and consent to the above terms and I hereby authorize Winway Research to my investment adviser. The Liabilities and responsibilities of Winway Research will be limited to its service provided. I/we read and understand all the above said documents. I/we agree that the client agreement will come into effect from the date of issue

      Yes, I will submit 6 months bank. statement and /or Income Tax Return ( Last 3 Years Financial years)as income proof along with loan statement for verification of information for financial liability, which I am providing to Winway Research in this process

      No, I will not want to whole financial planning, e.g. Mutual Fund, Insurance, Bond, Estate, Planning of Tax and Will Matter and other aspects. So, I shall not deposit the proof Income and financial liability. I will take responsibility for any regulatory action.

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