Q1. Why Winway Research?

All Winway Research content is developed and updated by our team of Qualified and Experienced Professionals. Winway research IA comprises of MBA’s with Finance domain expertise. Apart from their educational background, they have relevant experience and sound understanding of Economy, Market Trend and Company Analysis. We try to provide you with best information and advice.

Q2. What is the procedure to subscribe?


You can fill up the KYC,RPM & Agreement Form available on the Website or simply talk to our Support Team  for assistance.

Contact For Services: You can call us at our hotline or landline number and talk to our support team.

Q3. Do you give Intraday Calls?

Yes, we give Intraday Calls.

Q4. Do You Provide SMS Service?

Yes, we provide SMS Service depending on your package.

Q6. Can we ask for recommendations on Phone?

NO, if you have any queries or you can send us mail Winwayresearch@gmail.com

Q7. What kind of calls do you give?

We give calls in Stock Cash, Stock Future, Stock Option, Nifty Futures, Bank Nifty, and Commodity – MCX , for more details refer to our services at Winwayresearch.com

Q8. Do you suggest when to book Profits or Exit?

Profits should be booked as per your judgment, However, Targets are given. Also, you should exit as per your judgment. However, Stop Loss has to be strictly followed.

Q9. How can I subscribe to your tips?

First, fill KYC and rpm form,then we will suggest you suitable products according to your rpm & kyc , then Just select the package you want to subscribe, and fill in a very simple agreement and perform digio. We will send you the rpm form which is filled by you,you have to reply yes I agree.  You are done! You will start receiving our valuable tips once your account gets verified.

Q10. Can I deposit Cash in your Bank Account?

No, you can not deposit cash in Bank Accounts.

Q11. Can I deposit Cheque/DD/banker Cheque directly in your Bank Account?

Yes, you can deposit Cheque /DD/Banker Cheques in our Bank Account in all branches.

Q12. How much time it will take to activate my subscription after Payment?

Your subscription will be activated as soon as your payment gets reflected in our payment gateway and your duly signed KYC,RPM and AGREEMENT forms are received by Winway Research.

Q13. How can I send my Payment detail?

You will need to provide your Name, mobile No. Cheque/DD/Banker Cheque/Online Transcation ID.

Q14. What if even after making payment my account is not activated?

In such case you can either mail us at Winwayresearch@gmail.com call at number available on website with these details:

User Name

Date of subscription

Payment Details

Cheque No. Or Transaction id

Q15. When will I start getting trading calls?

You will get trading calls during market hours.

Q16. How many trading calls will I get daily?

It depends on market movement and Conditions and depended on your subscription package also.

Q17. Do you recommend Short Sell Calls?

Yes, we do provide short-sell calls.

18. Is there any provision of refund of money in cases of loss?

NO, There is no refund for losses as investment or trading in the stock market or commodity market is subject to market risk you may lose all your money also.So before taking a subscription read all terms and documents carefully.

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