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kindly follow the process of ekyc for proper documentation

AAdhar based kyc

We offer aadhar based KYC process as we are a registered intermediary with KYC agencies.This process allows the user to validate through OTP on mobile that is linked with his aadhar number. First of all, customer has to put his 12 digit aadhar number in ekyc portal and then it validate . Then an OTP will arrive on his/her number that is link with their aadhar number. Then he/she has to validate it by placing otp in the validation box.Currently normal kyc process is working.


After successful kyc we have to evaluate how much risk you can bear,So there is a series of questions that you have to select from multiple answers. Each answer has a different value according to your risk-taking capabilities. You have to select the proper answer accordingly so that your risk-taking capabilities will be well defined.

Service selection

We as an investment advisor will analyse your risk taking capabilities and risk score.After successful RPM and Suitability report will we show you the services that we can offer you according to your risk score.We will help as much as possible to select proper services according to your risk score.

Suatibility Report

After successfull RPM your risk score and your ability to take risk will be visible to you.This risk score will define your risk categories.Kindly see the risk categories before selecting the services you want to take as risk score and risk categories are the main part of services that end-user want to take.

Service Agreement

After successful selection of products, the customer has to go through a Service agreement. This service agreement is in between Winway Research and the customer who is availing the services. This service agreement has to be signed by the customer through Esign.Esign is a safe and secure way to validate the agreement.

Financial Services

After validating all the documents and payment, services of the client will be started.Customer has to intimate us regarding any query in the invoice. We will mention service duration in the invoice. Service will be activated on a registered number with Winway Research.

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Proper RPM

As risk profiling is the initial part of analyzing whether a person is capable to take that much amount of risk that he assumed to take. By analyzing proper risk with the suitable product we guide the user whether he/she is cable to bear risk or not. We help end-user to achieve his goal through our research. We do not guarantee any fixed return but our research will help you as much as possible.

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Greater Transparency

With Winway Research you will feel that you have selected the proper advisor. We will send you a proper invoice will all terms and conditions. All services will be sent to you on time so that you can take proper calls on that services. We provide you one to one calls with our researcher so that you can take proper decisions in your trading system.

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Embedded with technology

We have embedded different technologies within our research system to achieve a good accuracy level in our research calls. All our calls have been well scrutinised before forwarding to clients. Current news and the international market update has also been provided according to customer service selection.

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