Father and Son

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Undertaking Father and Son


(Name of his Father), S/o Mr.






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does hereby declare

1. That I know about the Mr.

(Named of Son)

is appointed M/s Winway Research.

2. That M/s Winway Research will provide the investment advice regarding the market.

3. That Mr.

(Named of Son) is my legally child and his age is


4. That the documentation related to this process is on the name of Mr.

(Named of Son)

5. That I am taking full responsibility of the amount which I will invest in market behalf of my child and he will be bind all my decisions.

6. That I am his legal representative on before you in all the matters.

7. That we both know the risk related to market and services and M/s Winway Research has educated us on the subject matter of investment advisory services and market.

8. That according to my belief and knowledge from point number 1 to 7 is correct and true.

Name of Father




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