Father and Daughter

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Undertaking Father and Daughter

I, Name of father

S/o Mr.






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does hereby declare

1. That I know about the Miss.

(Named of Daughter)

is appointed M/s Winway Research.

2. That M/s Winway Research will provide the investment advice regarding the market.

3. That M/s

(Named of Daughter) is my legally child and her age is


4. That the documentation related to this process is on the name of Miss.

(Named of Daughter)

5. That I am taking full responsibility of the amount which I will invest in market behalf of my child and he will be bind all my decisions.

6. That I am his legal representative on before you in all the matters.

7. That we both know the risk related to market and services and M/s NetWorth Research and Investment adviser has educated us on the subject matter of investment advisory services and market.

8. That according to my belief and knowledge from point number 1 to 7 is correct and true.

Name of Father



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